in typical f-bombs & cupcakes glam-yet-gram fashion, this new year’s eve while one of us is traipsing through hollywood parties dancing, yelling, and sloshing whiskey down the front of her dress; the other will be in a quiet cabin in the middle of the snow, wearing slippers, relaxing with her dogs, playing cards…and sloshing her whiskey down into her hot chocolate.

here’s what we’re bringin’:

packing checklist: snowy cabin trip


1 gold-dipped playing cards  // 2 faux fur throw // 3 bulleit bourbon // 4 lumberjack cocktail shaker // 5 salted caramel hot chocolate + vanilla mini marshmallows //  6 lynx slippers // 7 buffalo plaid dog collar + leash // 8 ‘an affair to remember’ dvd // 9 matte black jenga

shit. christmas is over and you haven’t given a thought to your new year’s eve outfit until now. since we know you’re probably fighting off an eggnog hangover and incapable of critical thinking, we pulled together 10 of the best looks available on the interwebz for a variety of budgets. select rush shipping, and you’re set to ring in 2014 in stylishly debaucherous form. you’re welcome.

10 nye looks for the procrastinating partygoer

left to right from top left: 1 ted baker; 2 three floor; 3 solace london; 4 solace london; 5 bless’ed are the meek; 6 nasty gal; 7 parker; 8 nasty gal; 9 parker; 10 the reformation

merry christmas from f-bombs & cupcakes

whatever it is you celebrate this season, we hope yours is happy, jolly, warm, cozy, and spent surrounded by all your fuckin family & friends. we are soaking up some time with ours this week and will see you back here on 12/26. cheers!


diy ombre metallic antlerstoday we are sharing a little holiday decor DIY project that is beautiful, easy, and inexpensive. and when we say “holiday” what we actually mean is “we leave ours on display year round”.

you will need to start with some genuine deer antlers, and 2 cans of metallic spray paint (or any 2 analogous colors that will blend into each other well). now before you go getting all animal rights activist on us, let us emphasize that deer shed their antlers naturally. still, living in LA we can’t exactly go walking down hollywood boulevard and find ourselves any, so we ordered some from this etsy seller (who collects them from the forest floor in oakanagan, washington) for $15 per antler.

the first step is to apply your base color. we decided to do our antlers in opposite gradients — fading to gold on one and silver on the other. after 2 coats of base color have dried, start from the bottom and slowly, evenly spray your contrast color toward the top of the antlers. as you move upward, pull the spray can back gradually so that the color starts to fade as it goes up. you can do this as many times as you need to get an even gradation, focusing most of your contrasting color at the bottom of the antler so that the bottom is where the contrast color is the most solid.

repeat the process with the opposite color on the other antler. after both colors are completely dry, you can also spray with several coats of clear gloss spray paint to make the metallic extra shiny. that’s it, guys! an awesome, rustic-glam mantle piece in just a few hours of dry time and a few cans of rustoleum.

ombre metallic deer antlers

diy ombre metallic antlers


best english toffee recipe

stop. we’re going to just stop you right now. that comment you were about to make? about how your aunt carol also makes this candy, only her recipe uses saltine crackers and hershey’s squares or some shit? maybe she even calls hers “brittle”? we’re going to go ahead and save you the trouble of making that comment.

let us tell you now that this is not that shit. bless aunt carol’s heart, she’s just not on this old fashioned candy shoppe, hand stirred, highly sophisticated, ultra premium tier english toffee tip that we’re on over here.

the incredible toffee flavor in this candy is the kind that can only be achieved using the simplest, most grandmama-style ingredients, cooked slowly and hand stirred on a stovetop by a seasoned candy maker. it’s the real deal, guys. it can be a little intimidating as a first timer but you are in luck, because today we are going to walk you through the process step by step, and magically transform you right into that seasoned candy maker.

but if you ever call it brittle again we’re not going to share any with you.

let’s get started.

best english toffee candy recipethese are the onliest 4 ingredients you will need

best toffee candy recipecook 2 of those puppies into this beautiful blob

best toffee recipethen gaze upon this pretty texture for a bit before you wreak havoc on it

1½ lbs butter
3 cups sugar
2 bags milk chocolate chips
2½ cups chopped almonds


  1. line a jelly roll pan with foil (CRUCIAL to do this part first or you will have no handles to pull out your solidified candy with)
  2. melt butter in a large saucepan over medium high heat
  3. slooowly pour in sugar while stirring
  4. continue to stir constantly for about the next 30 minutes. switch stirring arms often. this is serious business. mixture should be constantly bubbling but not boiling over. resist temptation to turn the heat down or your butter will separate from the sugar which is a real drag.
  5. about 30 minutes in is when your candy should be the color of caramel (or, if you’re fancy, when a candy thermometer reads 300°F). if you want some extra reassurance, drop a glob of the mixture onto your counter top and see how it hardens. if it’s crackly when you bite into it, you’re done!
  6. immediately pour the mixture into your prepared jelly roll pan and let cool for 10 minutes
  7. sprinkle first bag of chocolate chips over the top and let stand for about 30 seconds. the heat of the candy will melt the chips, and then you can spread them into an even layer on top of the candy with a butter knife.
  8. top with half the chopped almonds and lightly press almonds into the chocolate
  9. let stand until chocolate is completely set, then turn candy “sheet” over and peel foil from back
  10. melt remaining chocolate chips and spread evenly, then top with remaining almonds

voila! now break this candy sheet into a million bite-sized shards, go forth, and wow family & friends with your newfound candy making skillz.