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alright guys. like it or not, we are coming up on bikini/festival/beach/pool party season QUICK, and the fact that it coincides with girl scout cookie season means the cards are already stacked against us. now because we think spending our money on a spring wardrobe is a lot more fun than spending it on overpriced fitness classes, today we’re going to share with you the only 5 items you will need to get an awesome body at home – each of them priced under $60. in the coming weeks we’ll use this gear to show you our favorite (easy-but-ass-kickin!) workouts that’ll have you lookin sculpted and thinner than a thin mint, with your money still safely where you can see it – hanging in your closet.

at-home fitness on a budget // the best 5 pieces under $60


1. high step // $58 (only needed if you live in a stair-less apartment building!)
2. 3-lb neoprene hand weights // $4 each
3. 5-lb neoprene hand weights // $4 each
4. 8-lb medicine ball // $40
5. yoga mat // $23

we’re gonna keep it real with you guys: sometimes most of the time, it’s fuckin hard to motivate to go work out. sure, we’re always glad we did it once we get our lazy asses out the door, but the hardest part is finding that little extra oomph to get us out of our chairs. in today’s edition of fit bitch fridays, we’ve done you the favor of sharing our ultimate BEST running playlist ever. it’s so good that the simple knowledge that it’s waiting for you on your ipod will be all the oomph you need. thank us later when you’re covered in sweat.

download these jams individually or (to reserve optimum energy for your run)
on spotify where we’ve done all the dirty work for you.

best running playlist // f-bombs & cupcakes

urban outfitters found a new way to get us, guys! their new line of outdoorsy chic workout gear, without walls, debuts tomorrow online and in stores in hollywood, new york, costa mesa, santa monica and san francisco – so it was oh-so-timely to share it with you today in our first edition of fit bitch fridays. the line of fitness clothes and accessories is geared toward outdoor activities, though if you live in LA and pick yourself up a few pieces this weekend, we’re betting you’ll be rockin those bad boys inside on a treadmill as the city makes up for its so-far rainless winter in a 3-day long downpour. preview the full lookbook here or check out some of our favorite pieces below.

without walls f-bombs & cupcakes 02

without walls f-bombs & cupcakes 01

without walls f-bombs & cupcakes 04

without walls f-bombs & cupcakes 03

without walls f-bombs & cupcakes 05

between the throngs of newcomers in gyms & fitness classes and the cold ass morning temperatures, it can be difficult to tear ourselves out of bed for a workout this time of year. we’ve found that updating our fitness gear now & then can make it a little easier to hold down our resolutions instead of the snooze button. here’s what we’re sweatin’ for 2014.

workout & fitness gear we're sweatin' for 2014 | f-bombs & cupcakes


1. revolve siren sports bra & cropped legging
2. kate spade saturday gym bag // fits gym essentials without excess bulk
3. adidas by stella mccartney run tee
4. optp pro foam roller // to work out any knots in our newly shredded muscles
5. nike rose gold fuel band // tracks activity while seamlessly blending into our arm party
6. adidas running tights
7. bubi collapsible water bottle //  collapses to fit perfectly into our bag
8. nike flyknit lunar1 running shoes // elite running shoes in chic color combos
9. pop physique pop ball // or as we like to call it, “death between our thighs”
10. rubyLA namaste motherf**kers tank // because what else would we wear to do yoga?