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we’ve seen our share of valentine’s day girls’ night festivities – from movies & popcorn to mani pedi parties and everything in between. this year we propose getting your girls together to celebrate a love we can all relate to – a valentine’s day ode to whiskey.

whiskey valentine girls' night


un whiskey top // cheri cocktail napkins // johnnie walker red // heart ice cube tray // leather whiskey tags // whiskey in a teacup print

new year's eve absinthe champagne cocktail recipe: 'death in the afternoon'

when it comes to new year’s eve, we like our sparkle to pack a punch, and our choice in cocktails is no exception. put down the prosecco and get ready for a bubbly concoction that’ll put some hair on your chest, because we’re ringing in 2014 by spiking the champagne.

since we like to start our holiday boozing early in the day, we’ve decided to celebrate with the aptly named “death in the afternoon”, a cocktail ernest hemingway invented by mixing absinthe with his champagne way back in the 1930′s. we always knew we liked that guy.

1.5oz absinthe
(or, if you live in the united states & haven’t recently smuggled any from europe – the american answer to absinthe, “absente”)
4-6oz chilled champagne

pour absinthe into champagne flute. add champagne “until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness” (hemingway’s words…he has a way with them). serve.

new year's eve absinthe champagne cocktail recipe