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maternity style // nfl by motherhood maternity

pregnancy style // maternity football wear by destination maternity

maternity fashion // football style

pregnancy fashion // maternity nfl tees

how rad is this new nfl maternity tee by motherhood maternity? rad enough that we are rockin it hard on an 8.5 month baby bump despite a loss for our beloved raiders this past sunday!

this bad boy is just as vintage-soft-and-cozy as it looks, and we love that someone finally had the smarts to produce some pregnancy fashion that allows us mamas to be to rep our teams (win or lose, as demonstrated here). we paired it with what have turned into our favorite pair of maternity jeans from destination maternity and some fall-essential flannel and leather. baby f-bomb might not know it yet, but he’s raider nation ready when he decides to make his debut…hopefully soon!

top: motherhood maternity at destination maternity; jeans: motherhood maternity at destination maternity; shoes: zara; flannel: mossimo; necklace: jewelmint; jacket: zara

maternity style // print mixing

maternity style // cutout back dress

maternity style // geometric floral dress

one of the struggles of maternity style is not overdoing it on the clothes shopping. nearly every mama advice article you read instructs mamas-to-be to stick to buying versatile basics they’ll be able to get lots of day to day use out of.

we took one look at this geometric and floral patterned dress from asos maternity and said to shit with that. we may be pregnant but dammit, we’re alive. and if we want to wear a skin tight, cutout back, loudly patterned dress with leopard pumps and a statement necklace, no advice blog is going to stop us. our suggestion is to stock up on some versatile basics to go with your existing statement accessories, and then splurge on an occasional less-than-practical maternity piece as you see fit. after all, happy f’in mamas make happy f’in babies!

dress: asos maternity; shoes: steve madden; necklace: forever 21; bag: kate spade; cuff: 8 other reasons; rings: various

lately we’ve had a bit of an obsession with the classic pencil skirt. here’s the thing about these little gems: they never, ever go out of style. if you’re looking to pick up an “investment piece” (we know, go ahead and punch us for using this phrase), this is a silhouette worthy of a splurge. not only are they a timeless favorite, they’re flattering, elongating, and very easy to dress up or down.

we picked up this floral pencil skirt at zara for a mere — wait for it — $25. and let us tell you in no uncertain terms: we’ve worn the shit out of this thing. whether worn with blouses for work or with a screen tee for a casual look, it has paid for itself in dividends. here, we’ve paired it with a screen tee and some delightfully over-the-top earrings from j. crew, and topped it with our favorite moto jacket from nasty gal for a look that’s half rock and roll, half glam.

this is a really easy to look to re-create on the cheap or with an — here we go — “investment piece” for a look that will never go out of style.

top: prince peter collection (similar here); skirt: zara; earrings: j. crew (similar here); jacket: nasty gal; pumps: sam edelman.

maternity style // f-bombs & cupcakes // pregnancy fashion

maternity style // f-bombs & cupcakes // pregnancy fashion

maternity style // f-bombs & cupcakes // pregnancy fashion

maternity style // f-bombs & cupcakes // pregnancy fashion

if someone would have told us in our pre-pregnancy life that a cheap, silly pair of non maternity print pants would be a maternity style staple well into our third trimester, we probably wouldn’t have believed them.

and yet when this baby bump first started revealing itself (right in that “is that a pregnancy bump or did you just eat a lot of tacos last night” phase), these silly pants with the stretchy waistband were there for us. when that bump grew more pronounced, these silly pants calmed our pot-bellied fears. and now, as that baby bump reaches its final stretch (right before the “holy shit is that chick about to give birth” phase), these silly pants are still a go-to for some pregnancy print mixin’ and color blockin’ – proof that you can hang onto some pre-pregnancy stuff and not blow your whole f’in baby budget on maternity clothes.

top: liz lange; pants: forever 21; shoes: zara; necklace: j.crew; cuff: NY street vendor; rings: miscellaneous

listen, kids. we know a skinny leg pant is a classic, worthy investment & a key piece of any woman’s wardrobe. the thing is, sometimes they just bore the f’in pants off of us (do you see what we did there? do you get it? do you?). as such, we are tickled pink by the culotte trend, & are quite happy to see it being carried forth in the resort 2015 collections we’ve been ogling over on we see you, culotte!, we shout from behind our laptop screens. you go, glen coco! culottes are fun, comfortable, confused (is it a skirt or is it a pant or is it both?), & fortunately / unfortunately, it’s most likely that no straight man will ever find them attractive.

i (heather) picked up these more affordable little culottes last summer at zara, & they have been a treasured piece in my wardrobe ever since. in truth, the only reason i don’t wear them more often is that i feel wearing a white garment is just an invitation for some sort of trouble (the words of ray from “girls” ring in my ears: “hannah, you’re wearing a white dress. okay? you’re essentially begging the world to fuck with you. do you understand that? you’re daring a homeless person to wipe their blood on your breasts.”)… but i digress. i’m obsessed with this new pant option & will stop at nothing (NOTHING!) to get more of them into my closet & subsequently onto my person.

see below for more runway & street style culotte inspiration.