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growing up on early 90′s hip-hop and r&b heavily influenced our musical tastes — prior to 2003, we didn’t know and frankly gave zero fucks that any other genre existed. obviously, our musical horizons eventually broadened and we’re now equally pleased with the volcano choir album as we are with, say, the e-40 album that just dropped (YAY AREA!), but our hearts still beat steady and true for those old school jams.

while checking out dwntwn’s residency at the satellite last week, our ears happened upon the aural delight of badass LA band, skin town. we were immediately transported back to our innocent wee days in little blonde pigtails, skipping around the playground and singing along to extraordinarily graphic lyrics about sex. ah, yes, the good ol’ days. we were so obsessed with singer grace’s r&b vocals and fun stage presence we’ve been jammin’ to their album “the room” ever since. now it’s your turn to kick back, listen, and reminisce (and find out what you did with your filas from ’93).


this is our jam: dark furs / dark furs ep

we love everything about silver lake-based dark furs: their unique take on indie rock, lyrics, soulful vocals, and — let’s be honest — lead singer suzanne is cute as a fuckin’ button with that adorable accent and amazing style. after seeing them play at the satellite over the weekend, we were even more stoked on this band.

give ‘em a listen and if you’re in LA, check out their next show at the bootleg on january 25th (seriously — see these guys at a small venue now, while you can. also seriously, order a julian’s hard cider while you’re there. trust your girls.)


fka twigs
when we first heard “papi pacify” by fka twigs, we lost our shit. who was this girl singing? how did she sound like a 2013 aaliyah? most pressing of all, why was this song so goddamned sexy?

she’s also got some of the coolest, artsiest videos we’ve seen in a long time and some amazing style sense. fka twigs is the real f’in deal. until she releases a full length album, we recommend you watch her videos and listen to her ep on repeat along with us.