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this is our jam: bipolar sunshine // drowning butterflies

manchester-raised bipolar sunshine, aka adio marchant, creates sunshine-y indie soul pop, the kind that makes you want to blow off work and go for a ride in your car with the windows down in the strange and unseasonable 80 degree LA weather (sorry east coasters). currently on tour with phoenix in the uk, bipolar sunshine is going to blow up this year — we can’t wait to get our little nail art-decorated hands on his almost-finished debut album.


this is our jam: daley // alone together

by now you know just how much we love us an old school jam. as such, we are ALL. OVER. this completely unabashed OLD SCHOOL SLOW JAM DUET. yes, british artists daley & marsha ambrosius go for it on this one, hitting all the beautifully harmonized sexy time notes and giving zero fucks if you feel a little embarrassingly hot and bothered from all of it (guys! not in public!).


this is our jam // lightspeed champion

remember way back 3 months ago when we featured the incredible british artist blood orange (aka dev hynes) and told you all to go listen? well we’ve continued to do our homework on this guy and the more we learn the more he blows us away. turns out circa 2010 hynes was creating a TOTALLY F-ING DIFFERENT KIND OF MUSIC and was equally as amazing at it. this week we are jammin out HARD to his theatrical-folk-yet-pop-kinda-rock-almost-queen-esque album “life is sweet! nice to meet you” and we highly encourage you to do the same.


this is our jam: april march //chick habit

today’s jam is an oldie but goodie we recently brought back and can’t stop listening to. recorded in 1995, “chick habit” is an english translation of serge gainsbourg’s “laisse tomber les filles.” we f’in love its 60′s french pop sound and i-may-be-cute-but-i-will-slice-you-and-dice-you lyrics. plus, it allows us to live out our secret fantasy of living in paris in the 60′s. don’t you dare judge us.