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lee moses 'bad girl' // hbo girls soundtrack

if you watch girls as faithfully as we do (and have equally impeccable taste in music), then we’re going to assert you were no doubt FLIPPING YOUR SHIT during the scene in sunday night’s episode featuring jessa dancing around in a drug-fueled freak out. yeah yeah, she’s on drugs and that’s sad and shit, but that song she was dancing to! what was that!

we’re also sure, like us, you were flummoxed when the song stumped shazam, spotify, itunes, and even the obscure amazon mp3 store. well fret not, guys. we’ve done our homework and it turns out the song is ‘bad girls’ by the far-less-famous-than-he-should be 1960′s artist lee moses. at this point we are no longer surprised when girls music supervisor manish raval blows our mind with new jams, but this one takes the cake. we can’t seem to find the track available for purchase a-ny-WHERE but it is, ahem, available via other means. you’re welcome.


aside from shelling out the $350+ for a wristband, finding a place to stay, dealing with the sweltering heat, scheduling your must-see bands, and maybe even penciling in a party or 2, one of the most difficult things about coachella is knowing what in flying fuck to pack. as seasoned festival go-ers, this year we finally think we have this thing packing thing down pat. today we’re giving you a peek into our suitcase to help you decide what goes in yours. (ps – if you’re wondering what to wear underneath some of your stuff, peep our best bralettes post for further festival style inspiration!)

festival style // our coachella packing list


bag // sunglasses // bikini // crop top // shorts // booties // backpack // slipdress

this is our jam: pharrell // lost queen

fuck guys, we really love pharrell. like a bunch. we’ve been singing along with this guy for well over a decade now, and the release of his new album ‘girl’ last week did absolutely nothing to break our habit. if so far you’ve only been clapping along to ‘happy’ when it comes on the radio, do yourself a favor and check out our very favorite track from the album, ‘lost queen’.


we’re gonna keep it real with you guys: sometimes most of the time, it’s fuckin hard to motivate to go work out. sure, we’re always glad we did it once we get our lazy asses out the door, but the hardest part is finding that little extra oomph to get us out of our chairs. in today’s edition of fit bitch fridays, we’ve done you the favor of sharing our ultimate BEST running playlist ever. it’s so good that the simple knowledge that it’s waiting for you on your ipod will be all the oomph you need. thank us later when you’re covered in sweat.

download these jams individually or (to reserve optimum energy for your run)
on spotify where we’ve done all the dirty work for you.

best running playlist // f-bombs & cupcakes

this is our jam // august + us: fun

formerly of band kid british, manchester, england-based simeon mclean recently launched a solo project called august + us. a little bit soul & a little bit pop, the adorable DIY video that was released to coincide with single “fun” is… well… just plain f’in fun, too. we can’t wait to see what comes from august + us next.