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this is our jam // white sea - warsaw

we’re currently coveting local LA singer/songwriter white sea’s new album, in cold blood. also known as morgan kibby of M83, white sea is a singer, songwriter, producer, and classically trained pianist who just closed out an f’in killer residency at the bootleg theatre in silver lake. while the entire album is chock full of gorgeously arranged, beautifully and heartbrokenly written, yet danceable jams, we are particularly in love with “warsaw.”

at first it seems strange to hear such a beautiful voice singing dark, i’mma cut you lyrics like “i’ll drink your wine and i’ll slap your wrists / i’ll spin your clocks and i’ll gut your fish / i’ll fuck you blind and make a run for it,” but it’s this kind of dichotomy that makes white sea such an interesting artist. not to mention, you know how much we enjoy a healthy f-bomb or two from an unexpected source.

as an artist’s artist and strong feminine figure, morgan kibby is also unashamed to admit a love for the music of britney spears to refinery 29, and for that, we respect her even more. now, join us in our unabashed fan girldom and get to listenin’.


bleachers - rollercoaster

we have something to share and we’d like you to listen closely, because this shit right here just doesn’t come around very often. we can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that after listening to this week’s edition of this is our jam, you, fair reader, will have your summer 2014 anthem on lock. yeah, you heard us right. this song is so good that we are making statements this bold.

from the very first time we heard “i wanna get better” by bleachers, we were excited about this band. a side project begun by jack antonoff of fun., this is very un-fun.-like music, or, as TIME put it: “more fun than fun.” but the newest single from bleachers, “rollercoaster,” is what really sold us: this song is a soaring, summer-y jammy jam that will make you want to run down the beach, arms waving triumphantly above you in the air, splashing water at passersby and making out with your summer lover in the salty ocean water. this may sound like an oddly specific emotional sequence, but trust us, you will experience all of these things and more upon first listen.

do yourself a favor and click on the link below to begin your summer love affair with bleachers (who we can’t wait to see at outside lands in august).


this is our jam // let go - little dragon

don’t get it twisted: we have always been little dragon fans. but with last tuesday’s release of their newest single, “let go,” our fandom has grown to a potentially unhealthy level of obsession. we cannot stop playing this song. if you’re looking for us in the next week, you can find us driving around los angeles, windows rolled down, blasting this slow jam for all of the city to hear.


as coachella weekend two begins, we’re reminiscing on the crazy, surreal experience of weekend one. not only did we have an incredible time at the festival taking in amazing shows from some of our favorite artists (pharrell!girl talk!solange!) & surprise guests (jayz!beyonce!sam smith!), we somehow managed to squeeze a few epic parties in there, too. the gorgeous oasis of the lacoste pool lounge & the sheer insanity of the alexander wang x h&m party left us with unforgettable memories (& stamps from mr. wang himself that took several minutes to scrub off).

we f-bombs also don’t like being separated, particularly when it means one of us is going to have to miss a chance to see live music by some of our favorite artists. to remedy the situation, we just did what anyone would do — created a cardboard cutout of the other, gave it the personality of a festival drunk, & took it with us everywhere. duh. follow below as heather physically attends the festival and erin attends in cardboard form.

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