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if you’ve been as anxious as us for the full-length broods album, evergreen, to drop, then yesterday was like christmas morning. we’ve loved these guys since we heard their first single, “bridges,” and our love for broods was only further cemented after seeing them as the opening act for sam smith at the los angeles tour stop.

this brother-sister duo puts on an amazing show, with fan-fucking-tastic vocals from georgia nott on lead. immediately following the concert, we’d bought tickets for their headlining show this coming monday, october 13th, at the el rey theatre (if you’re in LA, hurry up & buy tickets before it sells out).

while there are so many standouts on the evergreen album, one of our favorites is “everytime,” a dark, dance-y, i-just-realized-you-suck kiss-off jam. listen at the link below, and be sure to check out the rest of the album, too — your girls promise you won’t be disappointed.


empires band

this week’s this is our jam post was a real struggle — not because we couldn’t find music to share, but rather because of the treasure trove we discovered in empires‘ new album, orphan, released last week. simply put, this album is too fucking good to pick a favorite. packed with soaring anthems that make you want to ride a motorcycle too fast through east los angeles (we’ve never driven one but damn it, do we want to now), lead singer sean van vleet’s low, powerful voice haunts you throughout.

though the first single, “how good does it feel,” might rank as our favorite on the orphan album, then again there’s “please don’t tell my lover,” “stay lonely,” “silverfire,” plus all the remaining tracks, and we just really can’t bear that kind of pressure. take a listen below, but make sure you check out empires’ whole orphan album to enjoy its dark beauty in its entirety.

this is our jam // sir sly - found you out

we first became familiar with LA band sir sly when they co-headlined echo park rising last summer. since then, these LA natives have gone on to tour with the 1975 and see their first single, “gold,” featured in a cadillac commercial. while classified as indie pop, don’t expect any cutesy, throwback references — their sound is much more heavily influenced by hip-hop, which naturally we can’t help but love.

upon first listen to their debut album, you haunt me, released last week, it’s clear these guys are going to blow up over the course of the next year. while it’s difficult to pick a favorite track from an album packed with songs that could all be individual hits, we’re particularly feeling the bitter little kiss-off/fuck-off-forever jam “found you out.” take a listen below, and if you’re an LA resident, check out their hometown show at the el rey next monday, september 29th.

this is our jam // colony house: 2:20

make no mistake – since its release yesterday, we have been jammin pretty hard to¬†when i was younger, the debut LP from southern boys colony house, in its entirety. it’s indie rock that’s not overly peppy and not overly dark, and the whole damn album is just really floating our boat right now. but there’s something about the gary-clark-jr.-meets-young-the-giant nature of the track “2:20″ that we can’t get out of our heads. give this shit a listen and thank us when these guys blow up in a few months’ time.


this is our jam // sia: 1000 forms of fear

1000 forms of fear, the newest sia album, is so good we’re afraid we were rendered incapable of choosing just one jam to share with you. packed with jams you’re going to think you’re talented enough to belt out alone in the car, it’s next to impossible to choose just one song as a standout — because essentially every song is a standout track. even the cover art of this album is badass.

while sia has been an under-the-radar secret superstar for years now, it seems like this album is destined to remove her “secret” status and propel her toward mainstream success. as an artist who’s well known for her rejection of fame, we’re not sure how much she’s going to like it, but it’s certainly a well f’in deserved achievement.

get started listening and get a head start on what are sure to be sia’s next smash hits.