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vintage-modern music inspired nursery


as soon as we found out baby f-bomb would be a boy, we started dreaming up his perfect nursery. something that would feel cohesive without being too themey, retro without feeling antique, and cool without feeling decidedly un-babyish. after spotting a vintage wood, mint, and brass 1950′s stereo cabinet on a shopping trip one day, we knew that would serve as the inspiration for our baby boy room. and just like that, a color palette and moodboard for this f’in music themed nursery were born. stay tuned for the full f-bomb nursery reveal soon!


we are framing some of our favorite retro album covers as part of a gallery wall over smith’s crib – starting, naturally, with this orange jackson 5 beauty




along with the framed album covers, we’re also hanging our acoustic guitar in the baby’s room – looks great and gives easy access to play baby f-bomb some jams!

we love the mid-century shape combined with modern lucite on this crib


because no f-bombs & cupcakes project would be complete without a little DIY, we are also painting thrifted vinyl records in our color palette to create an installation in smith’s gallery wall

his baby isn’t due for another 2 months, but he is already the proud owner of LOTS of books! we plan to keep them organized with this adorable faux leather bookend by zuny

we love choosing pieces that can grow with baby, and purchasing a dresser (we don’t hate on craigslist for a vintage-looking find like this!) that can be used as a changing table is a great way to do that. in a tiny nursery this is also a great way to stash some baby supplies in the drawers below

as decorators on a budget, z gallerie is one of our top shops for chic decor that doesn’t leave us thousands of dollars in debt. but, like most twenty-somethings, we are decorators often operating on an extremely tight budget that makes z gallerie pieces a bit of an f’in splurge.

enter our latest, easy breezy diy: recreating z gallerie’s gilded bird’s nest placemats with a little help from ikea & our ever-present stock of metallic spray paint. to recreate the look for yourself, all you’ll need are ikea’s SNÅR placemats and a bottle of gold (or silver!) spray paint.

remember that easy breezy part? we’re serious. spray paint as many of these little suckers gold as you’d like (note: it may take a few coats to make sure you thoroughly painted the mats), and bam! you’ve got some gilded, modern placemats that will elevate the shit out of your table setting without anyone guessing they’re an ikea hack.

ikea hack // diy z gallerie's gold bird's nest place mats

lately we’ve been noticing that lots of our blog feeds, parts of our houses, and at least half of our pinterest boards are filled with disco ball motifs. they just add a little bit of over-the-top, just-on-the-edge-of-tacky, retro-fun glamour to any space they’re in. so in the spirit of fancying up our coffee table (and saving a little bit of money), today we’re going to show you how we created this damn adorable faux-mirrored planter simply by hacking up some CDs we had laying around the house….because why were we saving those CDs anyway?

DIY mirrored disco ball planter // f-bombs & cupcakes
DIY mirrored disco ball planter

  1. get yourself a cheap, ugly terra cotta pot. because terra cotta orange is less than cute peeking through cracks between irridescent “tiles”, go ahead and spray paint that bitch white.
  2. take your old CD collection and start cutting it up with scissors (we used about 5-6 to cover our medium-sized pot). try to get your tiles as square-shaped as possible, but don’t feel like you have to be totally precise. part of the charm of this look is that it’s not perfectly symmetrical.
  3. grab your hot glue gun and start sticking your tiles onto the pot in vertical rows until you’ve made it all the way around the pot.

diy ombre metallic antlerstoday we are sharing a little holiday decor DIY project that is beautiful, easy, and inexpensive. and when we say “holiday” what we actually mean is “we leave ours on display year round”.

you will need to start with some genuine deer antlers, and 2 cans of metallic spray paint (or any 2 analogous colors that will blend into each other well). now before you go getting all animal rights activist on us, let us emphasize that deer shed their antlers naturally. still, living in LA we can’t exactly go walking down hollywood boulevard and find ourselves any, so we ordered some from this etsy seller (who collects them from the forest floor in oakanagan, washington) for $15 per antler.

the first step is to apply your base color. we decided to do our antlers in opposite gradients — fading to gold on one and silver on the other. after 2 coats of base color have dried, start from the bottom and slowly, evenly spray your contrast color toward the top of the antlers. as you move upward, pull the spray can back gradually so that the color starts to fade as it goes up. you can do this as many times as you need to get an even gradation, focusing most of your contrasting color at the bottom of the antler so that the bottom is where the contrast color is the most solid.

repeat the process with the opposite color on the other antler. after both colors are completely dry, you can also spray with several coats of clear gloss spray paint to make the metallic extra shiny. that’s it, guys! an awesome, rustic-glam mantle piece in just a few hours of dry time and a few cans of rustoleum.

ombre metallic deer antlers

diy ombre metallic antlers