maternity style // print mixing

maternity style // cutout back dress

maternity style // geometric floral dress

one of the struggles of maternity style is not overdoing it on the clothes shopping. nearly every mama advice article you read instructs mamas-to-be to stick to buying versatile basics they’ll be able to get lots of day to day use out of.

we took one look at this geometric and floral patterned dress from asos maternity and said to shit with that. we may be pregnant but dammit, we’re alive.¬†and if we want to wear a skin tight, cutout back, loudly patterned dress with leopard pumps and a statement necklace, no advice blog is going to stop us. our suggestion is to stock up on some versatile basics to go with your existing statement accessories, and then splurge on an occasional less-than-practical¬†maternity piece as you see fit. after all, happy f’in mamas make happy f’in babies!

dress: asos maternity; shoes: steve madden; necklace: forever 21; bag: kate spade; cuff: 8 other reasons; rings: various