this is our jam // white sea - warsaw

we’re currently coveting local LA singer/songwriter white sea’s new album, in cold blood. also known as morgan kibby of M83, white sea is a singer, songwriter, producer, and classically trained pianist who just closed out an f’in killer residency at the bootleg theatre in silver lake. while the entire album is chock full of gorgeously arranged, beautifully and heartbrokenly written, yet danceable jams, we are particularly in love with “warsaw.”

at first it seems strange to hear such a beautiful voice singing dark, i’mma cut you lyrics like “i’ll drink your wine and i’ll slap your wrists / i’ll spin your clocks and i’ll gut your fish / i’ll fuck you blind and make a run for it,” but it’s this kind of dichotomy that makes white sea such an interesting artist. not to mention, you know how much we enjoy a healthy f-bomb or two from an unexpected source.

as an artist’s artist and strong feminine figure, morgan kibby is also unashamed to admit a love for the music of britney spears to refinery 29, and for that, we respect her even more. now, join us in our unabashed fan girldom and get to listenin’.