listen, kids. we know a skinny leg pant is a classic, worthy investment & a key piece of any woman’s wardrobe. the thing is, sometimes they just bore the f’in pants off of us (do you see what we did there? do you get it? do you?). as such, we are tickled pink by the culotte trend, & are quite happy to see it being carried forth in the resort 2015 collections we’ve been ogling over on we see you, culotte!, we shout from behind our laptop screens. you go, glen coco! culottes are fun, comfortable, confused (is it a skirt or is it a pant or is it both?), & fortunately / unfortunately, it’s most likely that no straight man will ever find them attractive.

i (heather) picked up these more affordable little culottes last summer at zara, & they have been a treasured piece in my wardrobe ever since. in truth, the only reason i don’t wear them more often is that i feel wearing a white garment is just an invitation for some sort of trouble (the words of ray from “girls” ring in my ears: “hannah, you’re wearing a white dress. okay? you’re essentially begging the world to fuck with you. do you understand that? you’re daring a homeless person to wipe their blood on your breasts.”)… but i digress. i’m obsessed with this new pant option & will stop at nothing (NOTHING!) to get more of them into my closet & subsequently onto my person.

see below for more runway & street style culotte inspiration.