pregnancy announcement // an f-bomb in the oven


no, your eyes do not deceive you, and no that bulging little bump was not caused by overdoing it on tequila & macarons – WE’RE HAVING A BABY F-BOMB! well, one of us is. the other is just pointing at it.

mama erin & auntie heather are so excited to finally shout the news from these stuccoed LA rooftops, and to deliver you a little dose of maternity fashion combined with our regularly scheduled programming – sprinkled, as always, with a delightful dash of crass. and now for the fun stuff: here’s everything we know so far about this little bundle of cuss-word laced joy

  • IT’S A BOY!
  • he’s scheduled to grace us with his precious little presence on september 30, 2014
  • his name is smith (no, goddammit, not like the character on sex and the city. well…yes. kind of. it is a little bit like that.)
  • months before his baby shower, he is already the proud owner of 20 onesies, one baby leather jacket, 9 pairs of pants, 8 pairs of shoes, and 3 awesome beanies…so get ready for some pretty intense baby style around these parts
  • at 27 weeks along, this lil guy is just about to enter the third trimester
  • most missed foods include real coffee, blue cheese, sashimi, runny eggs…and dat tequila
  • pregnancy symptoms have been kind to us thus far – no morning sickness, just some minor aches & pains that prenatal yoga & running have been helping with

baby is doing great, kicking up a storm, and getting chubbier by the day until it’s time for his f’in debut.