as decorators on a budget, z gallerie is one of our top shops for chic decor that doesn’t leave us thousands of dollars in debt. but, like most twenty-somethings, we are decorators often operating on an extremely tight budget that makes z gallerie pieces a bit of an f’in splurge.

enter our latest, easy breezy diy: recreating z gallerie’s gilded bird’s nest placemats with a little help from ikea & our ever-present stock of metallic spray paint. to recreate the look for yourself, all you’ll need are ikea’s SNÅR placemats and a bottle of gold (or silver!) spray paint.

remember that easy breezy part? we’re serious. spray paint as many of these little suckers gold as you’d like (note: it may take a few coats to make sure you thoroughly painted the mats), and bam! you’ve got some gilded, modern placemats that will elevate the shit out of your table setting without anyone guessing they’re an ikea hack.

ikea hack // diy z gallerie's gold bird's nest place mats