alright guys. like it or not, we are coming up on bikini/festival/beach/pool party season QUICK, and the fact that it coincides with girl scout cookie season means the cards are already stacked against us. now because we think spending our money on a spring wardrobe is a lot more fun than spending it on overpriced fitness classes, today we’re going to share with you the only 5 items you will need to get an awesome body at home – each of them priced under $60. in the coming weeks we’ll use this gear to show you our favorite (easy-but-ass-kickin!) workouts that’ll have you lookin sculpted and thinner than a thin mint, with your money still safely where you can see it – hanging in your closet.

at-home fitness on a budget // the best 5 pieces under $60


1. high step // $58 (only needed if you live in a stair-less apartment building!)
2. 3-lb neoprene hand weights // $4 each
3. 5-lb neoprene hand weights // $4 each
4. 8-lb medicine ball // $40
5. yoga mat // $23