BEAUTY ON THE CHEAP // rose hip seed oil

let us be the first to admit, we started off as skeptics when this whole “rub oil on your face; it’s good for your skin” thing became a beauty trend. having been cursed with extremely oily and acne prone skin, we have always been the types more drawn to products that promise to dry up blemishes and eliminate shine. it took us about 6 articles touting the benefits of rose hip seed oil, this huffington post write-up, and finally the urgings of both our mother and miranda kerr before we finally decided to give this $7 wonder a try.

well guys, we’ve given it a shot. and we’re beliebers. we first started testing this product on small, inconspicuous patches of our jawline each night to make sure it wouldn’t cause our skin to go ape shit. after a week of that with no issues, we decided to go for the full rub down – still taking care to avoid any broken out areas. because rubbing oil on top of acne has to be a bad idea, right? well we got even ballsier a few nights after that and started smearing it right on top of our break out areas, and an incredible thing happened – it actually IMPROVED our blemishes by morning.

we highly recommend going to get you some of this miracle product – it’s a natural acne & eczyma treatment, it moisturizes like crazy, and it has tons of antioxidants and vitamins that repair skin cells while you sleep (it’s also a great follow-up moisturizer to one of our other favorite skincare steals, the aztec clay mask).