lately we’ve been noticing that lots of our blog feeds, parts of our houses, and at least half of our pinterest boards are filled with disco ball motifs. they just add a little bit of over-the-top, just-on-the-edge-of-tacky, retro-fun glamour to any space they’re in. so in the spirit of fancying up our coffee table (and saving a little bit of money), today we’re going to show you how we created this damn adorable faux-mirrored planter simply by hacking up some CDs we had laying around the house….because why were we saving those CDs anyway?

DIY mirrored disco ball planter // f-bombs & cupcakes
DIY mirrored disco ball planter

  1. get yourself a cheap, ugly terra cotta pot. because terra cotta orange is less than cute peeking through cracks between irridescent “tiles”, go ahead and spray paint that bitch white.
  2. take your old CD collection and start cutting it up with scissors (we used about 5-6 to cover our medium-sized pot). try to get your tiles as square-shaped as possible, but don’t feel like you have to be totally precise. part of the charm of this look is that it’s not perfectly symmetrical.
  3. grab your hot glue gun and start sticking your tiles onto the pot in vertical rows until you’ve made it all the way around the pot.