f-bombs & cupcakes - about erin & heather frey

welcome to f-bombs & cupcakes, the work-in-progress brainchild of sisters erin & heather frey. we are two twenty-something creative professionals living in los angeles, and we love us a good girly blog as much as the next chick. beauty tips? lay em on us, lauren conrad. arts & crafts? our homegirl martha enlightens us on the daily. fashion? home decor? baking? party planning? sign us UP, cuz we live and breathe this shit!

but our question, you see, is this: does it always have to be so fluffy? can’t a girl get her rocks off packaging up homemade cookies in parchment paper & baker’s twine, and still find herself at a shitty rock club in silver lake later that night, throwing back shots of patron & cussing like a sailor?

we say yes, women of the internet. yes we can. so here at f-bombs we look forward to sharing with you a daily dose of all that we find awesome – from hollywood parties to holiday crafts, macarons to rag & bone, DIY to whoopie pies – and promise it’ll all be sprinkled with a delightful dash of crass.